Media for Recovery

These Audios are the “Recovery Files” I talk about when doing therapy or coaching with the people. There are a work in progress as I still have more to upload. I have gotten permission to post them as well as some of them are public domain in that no one owns them as they were recorded in a 12 step program. I try and support the recording people anytime I can. You can listen online or “right click” to download.

AA History


AA History
Clancy talks about AA History – really good history of AA, Rowland Hazard, Ebby T. and Bill W. getting sober in Oxford Groups.
Wally P – Back to the Basics
Wally P. – History of AA and the Writing of the Big Book of AA
Wally P. – History of Al-Anon – Unsung Heroes


Wally P – Takes us through the Steps in one Day (August 2016)


Session 1 – Introduction to Back to Basics

Session 2 – Steps 1-2-3

Session 3 – Steps 4-5-6-7

Session 4 – Steps 8-9

Session 5 – Steps 10-11-12

Wally P – 4 Beginner’s Meetings as done in the 1940’s
Wally P and Brenda C – Meeting 1
Wally P and Brenda C – Meeting 2
Wally P and Brenda C – Meeting 3
Wally P and Brenda C – Meeting 4

Wally P’s Story – Given Aug 2014 – LaConner, WA
Wally P Back To Basics Session 1 – Training Session in LaConner, WA – He goes through the steps together as a group in 2 sessions. 
Wally P Back To Basics Session 2 – Training Session in LaConner, WA 

Wally P – Handouts – Really Useful and Important (PDFs)
Back To Basics Handouts – Given by Wally P at LaConner 2013 (PDF)
How to Listen to God Pamphlet (PDF) – 1940’s handout given in Oxford Groups
4th Step Worksheet from 1946 – Important PDF
Step on the Stairway to Recovery – Wally P.
26 References to Guidance in the AA Big Book (PDF)
Window of Opportunity – Wally P (PDF)

Joe and Charlie’s Big Book Study 
Zip File for Joe and Charlie’s Big Book Study (all 35 files that can be extracted)  Right click and “save as. . .” to download.  


Al-Anon History


Wally P.

Wally P. – History of Al-Anon – Unsung Heroes

Al-Anon Speakers
Gordy B – Al-Anon Speaker – LaConner, WA  8-2-2014
Aileen R – Al-anon – very humorous and informative
Linda – Al-Anon
Bo – Al-anon
Fr. Tom W – Al-anon
Bonnie A – Al-anon
Juanita – Al-anon
Kathy H – Al-anon 


Narcotics Anonymous – Recovery from Drugs


Narcotics Anonymous

NA Speaker Earl H. – great story of recovery emphasizing the use of the 12 steps from an AA perspective is what set him free from the compulsion.



Sexaholics Anonymous – Recovery from Sex Addiction

Sexaholics Anonymous

A Culture of Sobriety Ian (S-Anon)
“We Came to Believe” – Dave B & Lee T  (SA)
 SA Sponsorship Panel – Bert, Paul & Mike
 Sponsorship-Getting Started – Terry & Doug (SA)
“Why Do I Have to Surrender” – Lee T.  (SA)
 Resentment-Lust Connection – Terry M, Cindy B & Terry S (SA)  Excellent!  (SA)
Honesty-Recovery From Self-Deception – Lawrence & Farley (SA)
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Roy K (SA)
12 Principles of Recovery – Roy K. (SA)
Step Eleven (SA)
Overcoming Lust & Temptation Part 1 
Overcoming Lust & Temptation Part 2 
Jesse L Newcomer Talk  (SA)
Robert (SA) & Gayla (S-anon) Portland Conference (SA)
What is Sex with Self? (SA)


The Doctors Opinions (SA Retreat in Nashville) Discusses neurophysiology of sex addiction, alcoholism and other drugs and how this affects recovery.
The Doctors Opinions Part 1
The Doctors Opinions Part 2
The Doctors Opinions Part 3
The Doctors Opinions Part 4


Robert (SA) & Gayla (S-Anon)  Portland Conference (SA)
Service In S-Anon – Mary T (S-Anon)