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We are helping people with anxiety, addiction recovery and call us if you have any questions at 425-334-8916.

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Help for Addiction

When does a problem become and addiction?  It is hard to know sometimes.  Do I drink more than other people?  Do I feel ashames of my behavior when using?  Is a loved one concerned about the level of my using?  Do I feel defensive when look at this issue or when talking about it?  Read More

Help for Anxiety

There is nothing like anxiety.  Worry, catastrophizing, and panic,   We struggle with fixation and can’t get a thought out of minds.  We assume the worst.  It takes its toll on our bodies – physicial stress, muscle tension, headaches, stomachaches.  80% of serotonin (a calming neurotransmitter) is in our gut.  No wonder we feel it there.  Read,more


Neurofeedback is very helpful for addiction recovery, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, brain iinjury, bipoloar and autism.  It works by allowing you to see your brain in action.  Simplistically speaking the parts of the brain may be too fast, too slow or not stable.  When you receive feedback from the brain, you can change how it is overfunction or underfunctioning.  Read more

When should we go to counseling?

People go to counseling when they are stuck.  They can’t seem to make the changes they want on their own.  I want counseling to be effective and to help people get the changes in the shortest time possible. When relationships are beginning to be more destructive than nurturing.  Looking for patterns is the key. All of us have problems and most of the time, we can solve them. When we are sad, anxious, and stressed it may be part of living. But sometimes issues of depression, anxiety, stress and anger can become habitual and we get stuck doing the same thing. Addiction can range from alcoholism to sexual addiction to gambling to money issues codependency and drug addiction. Marital patterns of lacking of communication and distancing can even result in the dysfunction of verbal and physical abuse. Professional addiction counseling can help people break those patterns and enter a process of recovery towards greater health.

Style of Counseling

Using a wellness or positive approach is really different than looking at things from a disease model.  There are to look through the lens of dysfunction or looking at what causes depression, anxiety or addiction.  But, it is really useful to help people get free by looking at what works.  We ask “what is it that you really want?”  “What would it be like not to struggle with depression or anxiety or addiction?”  To answer the question your physiology changes.  You begin to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  It is a huge shift to move from talking about panic attacks to talking about a life where you don’t struggle.  I have been counseling with people for over 30 years and find that this really works and getting people freer fast and staying free.  I have studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and. Systems Theory.  When you focus on the solution or the outcome this will increase.  If you focus on the problem, the problem increases.  I believe in God and believe that He is the source of all healing.  I am not pushy with my faith in anyway, but find that people I work with often are looking for something beyond them that will help the overcome addictions:  alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual addiction, compulsive gambling, spending, overeating and codependency.

Costs and Insurance

The fee for a 1-hour counseling appointment is $150. Insurance typically covers if you have.  I am a provider with these insurances: Blue Cross and First Choice.  If you have another insurance they may cover me at an “out of network” rate. At this time I do not offer a sliding scale. I do other therapists I can refer who offer this. Hours that I offer counseling are Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm. On rare occasions I will stay a little later.

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